About Us

The nonprofit organization, Community Healing Massage,  started out as one person who wanted to use her skills to reach out to people on a grander scale. Founder, Rebekah Kujawsky, had a vision of offering therapeutic work to the many groups of people who have little to no access to such powerful and soothing ways of healing. As the value and benefits of massage therapy become more universally known, it is a perfect time to create a program that makes those benefits more available, especially in the areas that really need it. With your support and patronage, we are able to make a real difference in a peoples lives. This organization was created for everyone who wanted to, to become part of the system of giving back. Community Healing Massage truly beats with the heart of your community, working with and for it.

Our Practise

From workplace massage to geriatric hospices and everything in between, massage helps with the physical, psychological, and emotional trials of life.  Weekly massages have been shown to have immediate and long term health benefits. In many cases, it has been shown that a regular massage decreases pain. 


For a person who’s been injured, sits long hours at a computer, or simply has poor posture, massage is a wonderful way to aid the healing process. The beautiful thing about massage is that it does just as much good for people who are suffering from other kinds of non-physical ailments, like depression, anxiety, stress, or even loneliness. 


Today, many people suffer from both physical and non-physical stressors. Massage therapy is an ideal way to enhance their quality of life, as well as make them more efficient in their daily activities. 

Why Massage Therapy?

  • Improves:

    • Muscle and joint pain

    • Mental alertness and clarity

    • Digestive system

    • Poor blood circulation

    • Lymphatic flow - Aiding to remove toxic substances from the body

    • Length and quality of sleep

    • Symptoms and problems due to Parkinson's, Alzheimer's,  Diabetes and Arthritis

    • Stress, anxiety, depression and loneliness symptoms

    • Patient quality of life and self-esteem

    • Nervous system operation via stimulation, as well as hormone production, granting holistic positive benefits on the entire body

  • Enables:​

    • Coping with multiple symptoms of chronic ailments by decreasing pain, potentially reducing medication dosage

    • Patients to keep their mobility for long​er

    • Muscles to retain strength and flexibility

    • Independence due to improved physical ability

    • Regaining of lost mobility due to injury or misuse

    • Coping mechanisms/outlet for emotional turmoil

  • Aids:​

    • In alleviating headaches and general pain​

    • Healing from injury, illness or physical exercise

    • In positive feelings, self-awareness and potential addiction awareness

Massage Therapy Benefits


A massage therapist since 2008, Rebekah wanted to make a difference to as many people as possible. One thing she often found was that the people who often needed her skills the most were the ones who could least afford it. Community Healing Massage started from this thought.

Founder/Executive Director

Rebekah Kujawsky


Petra has had a broad range of experience, in multiple industries, before finding herself working with Community Healing Massage. An avid nonprofit supporter, her dream is to help humans and animals in their time of need.

Chief Finance Officer

Petra Hernandez


Martin has been working in the technology sector for over a decade, keeping at the forefront of development. He leverages his experience in supporting nonprofits.

Chief Technology Officer

Martin O'Reilly